Taking a Longer View on Investing

Patience is a word you don't often hear in business. At LongueVue Capital, we believe that the prudent deployment of properly structured, patient growth capital, and the addition of experienced, proactive board oversight, will result in our portfolio companies realizing their full value potential. Our goal is to increase revenues and profitability – not employ financial engineering – to grow the bottom line. This is a philosophy we truly believe in at LVC, and our firm's name is a tribute to this perspective.

Our Emphasis Is on Value Creation

LVC forms long-term partnerships with our portfolio companies, working closely with them to make incremental operational improvements that drive value creation. Once the investment has matured and begun to realize its value, LVC's principals – with our strong capital markets experience – will guide the investment to an optimal exit strategy.

We believe strongly that management's economic interests should be aligned with our investment interests. Accordingly, we structure our transactions to create incentive ownership opportunities for management, and we encourage managers to co-invest their own money into their companies alongside LVC.

Investment Philosophy