Our Approach

LongueVue Capital invests in entrepreneurs and management teams seeking a capital resource and a partner to navigate their company’s next phase of growth. Since inception, LVC’s financial returns have outperformed peer private equity firms in the United States.

Partnership Focus

LongueVue Capital’s mission is to be the best partner an entrepreneur, management team, employee, and investor could ever imagine. At the heart of our success is a keen focus on building enduring, mutually rewarding and long-term relationships.

We are hands-on advisors, applying best practices from a variety of industries and experiences to drive growth for our portfolio companies. We remain actively involved both strategically and operationally throughout the lifespan of our investments. We augment management’s efforts not only with our capital and know-how but also with our trusted advice, coaching, and partnership approach. Through both successes and challenges, our entrepreneur partners know we remain committed to the long term shared strategic vision.

Jeffrey Johnson

Jeffrey Johnson,
President & CEO, Zavation

“We chose LVC due to their entrepreneur-friendly approach to value creation and their expertise in growing middle market companies at inflection points. By embracing our culture and vision, LVC is helping to professionalize our business while we continue to grow revenues and deliver best-in-class customer service and innovative products.”

Andrew Robertson

Andrew Robertson,
CEO, PRT Offshore

“LVC is an ideal partner for PRT Offshore, and we are thrilled to welcome them into the PRT Offshore family. This partnership provides our company with the capital to innovate and the strategic guidance to service the growing needs of our E&P customers. We are very excited about the tremendous opportunities ahead.”

Tom Martin

Tom Martin,
Founder, Pod Pack

“Finding a partner that would be a good cultural fit was of utmost importance to me. LVC invested a large amount of time understanding our core values and unique family-oriented work culture. Because of this alignment, we moved quickly as a team on operational and strategic initiatives to double our profitability in the first year.”

Andy Yarborough

Andy Yarborough,
President, QSL

“This is a critical and dynamic time for the senior housing industry, and our partnership with LVC will put in place the financial and strategic capital to enable us to quickly and meaningfully expand our platform and keep the QSL franchise performing at the highest level.”

Value Creation

We understand entrepreneur and family-owned businesses. Where other investors may see limitations, we see potential.

LongueVue Capital invests opportunistically in a variety of industries and situations. We structure our deals conservatively with low levels of third-party debt to de-risk the capital structure and provide management teams with greater flexibility. We emphasize business fundamentals – rather than financial engineering – to generate superior returns. Our creative capital structures are designed to accommodate both investor and management objectives. By aligning our economic interests – through stock ownership and equitable, innovative incentive plans – we are all motivated to actualize operational and strategic improvements that drive equity value creation.

Prior to closing a new investment, we spend significant time with management to understand the business and the industry in order to appreciate the opportunities and challenges facing the company. A key pillar of our due diligence process is to forge a strong relationship with management and ensure we can quickly implement value creation initiatives upon closing.

Post-closing, we work in partnership with management teams to:

  • Establish a strategic plan and reporting protocol to measure progress
  • Drive fundamental improvement and efficiencies across all business functions
  • Attract experienced talent to the management team and board of directors
  • Design an appropriate management incentive plan to align economic interests
  • Navigate the myriad of opportunities and challenges that arise in growing a business
  • Identify and pursue complementary add-on acquisitions
  • Execute a successful exit strategy
Nelson Goodman

Nelson Goodman,
Co-Founder & President, Premier Store Fixtures

“We are deeply appreciative of the resources and operational and strategic support provided by LVC during our time together as partners. Their insights into strengthening our manufacturing capabilities and supply chain in order to keep up with our sales and marketing gains were instrumental in positioning Premier to achieve a fantastic outcome.”

Denis Reilly

Denis Reilly,
President & CEO, St. George Logistics

"LVC was a patient, long term focused partner for the management team at St. George Logistics as we navigated a variety of opportunities and challenges together. Their board-level leadership and strategic planning were instrumental in transforming our business into the leading container freight station provider in the market."

Andy Lang

Andy Lang,
Founder & President, Blue Dot Energy Services

"LVC was a great partner for me and the team at Blue Dot. They provided the financial resources to double the size of our business and build the largest fleet of oilfield tools serving the burgeoning Marcellus and Utica shale plays. In addition, they worked side-by-side with us in the trenches to establish best practices, build a phenomenal management team, and create significant value for our stakeholders."

Bryan Landry

Bryan Landry,
CEO, Ardent Services

“LVC helped us scale Ardent Services from its humble green field roots to become a premier nationwide provider of electrical and instrumentation services. From addressing our branding, sales, marketing, and strategic planning to the negotiation of the ultimate exit, the LVC team was outstanding in properly aligning stakeholder interests and creating value every step of the way.”

Lee Jackson

Lee Jackson,
Founder & CEO, Jackson Offshore

“We are excited about our partnership with LongueVue as we continue to build our fleet of next generation Platform Supply Vessels. We look forward to continuing to build our fleet as well as our track record for superior service and operational excellence.”


LVC is headquartered in New Orleans and maintains an office in West Palm Beach, FL to help us provide national coverage for transaction sourcing and portfolio company support.

We would love to hear more about your business. To discuss an opportunity or share materials about your business, please contact Charles Cox or fill out the form.