Sustainability at LVC

As privileged stewards of capital, LongueVue Capital ("LVC") recognizes its unique opportunity to help build, support, and invest in people, communities, businesses, and the environment. LVC believes a sustainability mindset reduces overall risk, sparks innovation, reveals opportunities, and creates positive change all of which drives business value.

LVC is committed to supporting efforts by governing sustainability factors in our portfolio companies. We aim to generate attractive returns for our investors while investing in companies and management teams that are accountable for their social and environmental impact.

Whether just beginning a sustainability journey or well along, each company joins the LVC sustainability program upon investment.  The LVC program helps each company embed sustainability into the business through a continuous feed of recurring educational opportunities, speakers and events throughout the year and lifetime of the investment.

We are excited to chart an evolving, increasingly sustainable course to drive value for LVC and our portfolio companies. A course with sustainability entrenched in every step of the investment process: diligence, investment and at exit.


LVC honors a holistic approach to sustainability. As diligence progresses, LVC will continue to assess sustainability risk criteria by integrating sustainability discussion topics as integral parts of the due diligence process.

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LVC is driven by four foundational principles to assist portfolio companies in building a sustainability program to drive long-term value: awareness, education, action, and communication.

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Self-reporting throughout LVC ownership is a differentiator and better prepares companies for exit.  If companies engage in the LVC program in an authentic way, the next investor’s request for sustainability information will be the company’s time to shine.

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Commitment to Governance

LVC recognizes our largest impact on sustainability is governance by focusing on quality of management, setting sustainability as a priority and mitigating conflicts of interest.

Our responsibility with portfolio companies is to engage in issues that are most important to their businesses and to their stakeholders. Oversight on the management of the issues will help de-risk the business and reveal opportunities for growth. We use four primary means of governance.

  • Assessment:
    A sustainability assessment has been developed to govern portfolio companies’ action and progress. Assessments are done every 12 to 18 months. 
  • Board Level Agenda:
    Sustainability is encouraged as an agenda item at board level meetings. Customized Key Performance Indicators related to sustainability is a goal for each portfolio company to help each stay on track. The KPI’s complement the assessment.
  • LVC Sustainability Program:
    The program offers a continuous feed of opportunities for portfolio companies to build their program. The program offerings surround a series of actions that build upon one another. The actions offer a customized menu for each company, to meet them where they are and to help each on their own sustainability journey.
  • LVC Sustainability Operating Partner & Internal Team:
    The LVC sustainability operating partner drives LVC’s sustainability program along with an internal LVC sustainability team. They collectively put together content, plan visits and work with companies to build their program.

Alignment with Global Sustainable Development Goals

Our view on sustainability embodies the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which were introduced by the United Nations in 2015 with a target of achieving these goals by 2030.

United Nations Sustainability Goals

  • Each portfolio company has direct effects on at least a few SDG’s. Our service-based companies have the most effect on the SDGs related to human, intellectual and social goals, while our manufacturing companies also influence environmental, consumption, production and energy related goals.
  • Collectively, all the portfolio companies under the LVC umbrella influence most of the SDG’s. The governance of ourselves and the portfolio companies is rooted in the SDG’s.

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LVC Authentic Actions

Authentic actions being taken by portfolio companies are listed below.
It is by no means complete but serves as a snapshot of some of our collective efforts.

LVC’s Partnership with
Glass Half Full

LVC’s Partnership with
Commander’s Palace

LVC’s Partnership with
The Good Shepherd School

Clearview Packaging:
Supporting Waterway Cleanups

Pod Pack:
Compostable Products

Summit Plastics:
Reusing Materials

Summit Clinical Research:
Communicating Sustainability

KPS Life:
Community Involvement

Clearview Packaging:
Education Contribution to Child in Need

Traco Manufacturing:
Employee health and well being

Fredman Bag:
Landfill Free

Associated MetalCast:
Safety Program

Pinnacle Clinical Research:
Combating NAFLD & NASH


LVC is headquartered in New Orleans and maintains an office in West Palm Beach, FL to help us provide national coverage for transaction sourcing and portfolio company support.

We would love to hear more about your business. To discuss an opportunity or share materials about your business, please contact Charles Cox or fill out the form.