Creating Value. Sharing Success.

We consider ourselves business partners focused on helping our portfolio companies achieve higher levels of performance. We forge long-term relationships with our entrepreneurial management teams and utilize best practices from diverse industries to guide their businesses through growth. By aligning our economic interests – through stock ownership and equitable incentive plans – we are all motivated to make operational and strategic improvements that result in value creation.

Disciplined Processes That Generate Superior Returns

LVC's success, in large part, can be attributed to our disciplined approach to valuation and rigorous due diligence used to structure transactions. We are thoughtful in our investment strategy, exercising the prudent deployment of leverage and current pay instruments. Our decision-making is based on cash flow and collateral profiles to mitigate risk, ensure certainty of closing and produce current streams of cash flow.

Post-closing we are actively involved with the management team, working together to:

  • Establish core business strategies
  • Define actionable, measurable goals
  • Implement infrastructure, accounting and communication systems
  • Report and track key metrics monthly
  • Design appropriate incentive plans to align economic interests

We rely on business fundamentals – rather than financial engineering – to protect capital and generate superior returns for our partners.

Our Approach

Actively Seeking Compelling Opportunities

We seek out lower middle market businesses that demonstrate strengths in these areas:

  • Defensible market segments
  • Scalable operating economics
  • Some level of quality tangible assets
  • Strong operating cash flows
  • Effective, coachable management teams